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Do you like your skin to be healthy & youthful?  Look no further. Our clay masks are the best! 


Clays are amazing for pulling out impurities, drawing blood to the surface allowing a vibrant complexion as well as elimating excess oils. They also saturate the skin with the nutrients the body needs to keep it smooth.


Furthermore they work wonders with younger skin that may be prone to acne, and boost elasticity to minimize signs of aging.


The Pink Clay Mask is an ALL ROUND winner! Your skin will love you for it.


Pink Brazilian Clay is prized for being the mildest clay available. It often has a pH very close to that of human skin, making it ideal for those with very sensitive or delicate skin.

Pink Clay is renowned in skin care for its amazing calming, anti-aging and cleansing benefits. It is suitable for any skin type and people with sensitive skin praise this type of clay for being so gentle and delicate with already problematic and troubled skin, what more could you need?


Kaolin Clay is a great detoxer, without being harsh on the skin or stripping the skin of much needed hydration. It cleans traces of dirt, pollution, grime, and bacteria but does not clog pores and cause breakouts.


It can remove traces of dead skin cells without causing any redness or irritation. It has mild healing properties, and when applied to the affected area, it soothes inflammation immediately. Kaolin clay stimulates your skin cells. When used regularly, it brightens and tones your skin.


French Green Clay is comprised of calcium, sodium, magnesium, silica, aluminum oxide, Sulphur, potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, arsenic, and zinc. French green clay draws away impurities from pores. Known for sucking dead cells, stale sebum, bacteria, and dirt from your skin.


In case your skin is irritated, French green clay offers a calming effect. Advocated for relief of mild rashes, eczema, and psoriasis. French green clay soaks up all the oils that are in excess on your skin. This clay also has the ability to tighten up your skin and aids in clearing of blemishes.






For an all-over skin loving routine add;


Two Sugars Thanks, Coffee Scrub -  leaves your skin feeling clean and lively. This coffee scrub is not only beneficial for the skin, it leaves you feeling a million bucks. Even gentle enough for your face, now enjoy the new feel of your beautiful, soft skin.




 Nectar Face Oil - Your daily skin booster and protector!! This lightweight facial oil deeply hydrates, soothes and protects against environmental nasties.

Pink Clay Mask

20 Grams
  • Simply scoop 1 teaspoon of the dry mask to roughly 2 teaspoons of water to make a paste.

    Apply to clean skin avoiding the eye area.

    Leave for 10-15mins or until dry.

    Rinse with warm water and a washcloth.

    Follow with your daily moisturizer.

    Depending on your skin type, use 1-2 times a week.




    *To ensure the effectiveness of the mask, avoid using metal utensils when mixing.

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