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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I keep my coffee scrub fresh?
    Keep in a dry cool place and keep water from entering the pouch.
  • Why has my candle got a small gap around the edge of the jar?
    Beeswax is a very temprimental material it requires the 'perfect' temperature of a room, the jars and the wax when pouring to minimise the shrinkage of the wax when poured and during cooling time. I use all means nescessary to minimise the shrinkage in my candles but even on some days when I do ALL the same temperature as the day before, sometimes the pour can shrink less or more. This does not effect the beauty of the candles or the scent! They still burn perfectly and aroma still enjoyable.
  • How long do beeswax wraps last?
    Around 6-12 months. BUT after even a month or so of regular use your wraps can sometimes start to look a bit shabby. They can be refreshed with a little bit of beeswax in the oven, so you can keep using them. And don't forget once they have reached the end of their life they can be put in the compost rather than landfill.
  • My candle has tunnelled in the middle, why?"
    We suggest burning the candle for at least 3-4 hours first burn to allow for a even melting pool which eliminates tunneling of the candle there after.
  • Why can't I relight my candle?
    All you need to do is trim the wick approx.1cm and it will re-light. :)
  • Do you ship internationally?
    We don't know ship overseas as we believe it's important to minimise our carbon footprint where we can and encourage supporting local businesses whereever you are in the world.
  • Do you wholesale?
    Yes we do. Please contact us directy at and LET'S CHAT!! :)
  • Can I change or cancel my order once I've placed it?
    If you want to change your order please email with your order details as soon as possible and we will try and help, however we may have already sent it out. (They can't help it! They love to be efficient!) Unfortunately we’re unable to add to orders once they’re placed so you’ll need to make a second order for additional products.
  • Can I buy Stem Wellness as a gift and have it shipped as one?
    Heck yes!! What a fab idea. Just make sure you enter the details of who you are sending the gift to and a 'message' during the checkout process.
  • Is Stem Wellness tested on animals?
    No!! Just me and my partner. Stem Wellness is completely cruelty free.
  • Where are your products made?
    We're an Australian-owned small business, who create all of our products in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Is your packaging environmentally friendly?
    We do our best to source environmentally friendly materials for all of our packaging.
  • No-Go?
    No luck finding the answer to your question? Send us an email, we'd love to hear from you.

About our Natural Wellness, Organic Skincare products and our companies ethos.

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