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Meet The Maker

Creator  of Stem Wellness

Hello I'm Emily, the founder and creator of Stem Wellness. 

My dream was to build a range of healthy, natural products, so I created Stem Wellness. It was born out of my love for natural health, passion for creating and desire to run a sustainable business with minimal ingredients and positive environmental impacts.


For many years I've been creating my own natural skincare and candles and slowly replacing my skincare and body products to natural alternatives: makeup, toothpaste, creams, soaps, shampoos and deodorants. Once I started creating my own products I knew I wanted to share my creations with the world.


Driven by my own ethos 'Be kind to yourself' I have thoughtfully developed my collections to integrate with today's varying lifestyles, motivating you think about what's in your products and to inspire you to practice self-care and kindness to yourself and Mother Nature. The Stem Wellness range is handcrafted on the Mornington Peninsula using the highest quality and ethically sourced ingredients, which means 90% of the collections are certified organic.

Our Ethos

Our ethos encompasses natural health, sustainability and minimalism. Stem Wellness intends to create a space that welcomes each and every person from all walks of life. To give access to beautiful handmade, hand poured and natural products that are non toxic to you and the environment. 


Our products are handmade with 90% certified organic, sustainably-sourced materials and locally sourced beeswax. We consciously create our products considering not only your health but Mother Earth as well. We believe the the best way to be a conscious consumer is to ultimately consume less or consume what we need from an eco-friendly business. We make this attainable by creating products that facilitate natural & minimal ingredients with eco friendly packaging that are about less waste, recycle or compostable like our reusable beeswax wrap packs.

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