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Small batch, hand poured, PURE + SIMPLE Beeswax Pillar Candle.


The sweet, calming aroma of gentle honey pairs perfectly with the soft light emanated by these beautiful candles.


So, why Beeswax?


Our PURE + SIMPLE Beeswax Collection produce negative ➖ ions when burned. Those ions help to neutralise pollutants in the air. This helps eliminate odours, dust and mould in the home and office, easing allergies and asthma symptoms and improving breathing for anyone in their vicinity. Beeswax has a higher melting point than other waxes and emits a brighter, more warm-toned flame.


Pure Beeswax Candles are essential for a healthy home. They are smoke free and emit a warm, mood lifting, natural orange flame. Beeswax candles also last longer than most other candles.


Created with love & kindness.


Burn time: 100 hours

Size: 13cm x 4.6cm 

100% Beeswax Pillar Candle

220 Grams
  • 100% Beeswax | Cotton Wick

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