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The questionable ingredients inside your conventional deodorant may be harming the planet and causing long-term health issues without you ever knowing. We get it; no one likes to feel sweaty, but our bodies need to release toxins, and these sweat-blocking ingredients aren’t letting your pits do their job.


Look we're not going to lie, tranisitioning to natural deodroant can require a little bit of effort. Not to worry, 'Spuce Up' & "Nice Pits' have you covered.


Our handmade and organic deodorant pastes; Spruce up, cedar essential oil brings an earthy, gender-neutral scent. Reminicent of fresh wood shavings with a classic earthy undertone. And Nice Pits, classic, calming and floral scent of lavender. 


Formulated to clean the surface of the skin, neutralise body odour and with antibacterial properties this deodorant is perfect for every day use.



This bundle also includes a charcoal pit mask. Whats a pit mask you ask?


Many people who switch from traditional to natural deodorants have noted going through a period of time when they say they sweat and stink more. Pit masks are believed to speed this phase up by unclogging pores and releasing impurities.



1x 30g Nice Pits Deodorant

1x 30g Spruce Up Deodorant 

1x 15g Charcoal Pit Mask

Deodorant Bundle

  • PIT MASK: 1x teaspoon of mask to 2x teaspoons of water or apple cider vingar. Stir to make a paste and apply to your underarms and leave for 10-15mins. Wipe off with a warm cloth.

    DEO: Gently apply a small, pea sized amount on your pits with your fingertip. You really do only need a little. Rub it in well, wait a few minutes before putting on clothing

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