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Beeswax wraps are naturally anti-bacterial, YAY! reusable and a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap and single-use plastic. They have the ability to counteract environmental issues such as plastic pollution and food wastage, so do you care about the environment? It only takes small changes to make a big difference.


How long do Beeswax wraps last for?


Around 6-12 months. BUT after even a month or so of regular use your wraps can sometimes start to look a bit shabby. They can be refreshed with a little bit of beeswax in the oven, so you can keep using them. And don't forget once they have reached the end of their life they can be put in the compost rather than landfill.


The generous size of our beeswax wraps ensures they come in handy for all your wrapping needs, even loaves of bread! 


XL - 40x50cm

L   - 30x40cm

M  - 30x25cm

S   - 20x17cm


Our beeswax wraps also come in a randomised pack of four different patterns to liven up your kitchen - Follow us on socials to see what current patterns we've got in stock!


IG: @stem.wellness

FB: @stemwellness20


Oh… did I mention the smell? It's so good! I worked hard to get the wraps to retain that yummy natural beeswax smell, but no need to worry about the smell transferring to your food, not going to happen! Just fresh food wrapped in an environmentally friendly, plastic alternative which smells delicious.







Beeswax Wraps

PriceFrom $19.00
  • Use as you would plastic wrap.

    It is the warmth from your hands that softens the wraps just enough to allow them to stick.


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