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Leave behind nasty aerosols and liquid perfumes and try something that smells as good as it is for your skin and the environment.


Think posy, musky, spicy, earthy.


Floral, sweet, warm and grounding.


Our perfectly balanced fragrances will have your nostrils so deighted. We have tailored our perfume bars to tantalise the noses of all types of people. Created with natural, skin-loving ingredients. A ready to use solid, natural perfume bar. You'll feel instantly glamorous & smell devine.


A perfect travel size which easily fits in your bag and comes with its own waxed cotton pouch.


Earthy: This rich, earthy scent isn't just for socks-and-sandal wearing "free spirits". Patchouli is THE scent for so many of us. Cedar brings whispers of woods, warmth from a touch of camphor, subtle musk from tea tree and all balanced perfectly with the earthiness of patchouli.  Its sweet, grounding and perfect for that every day subtle aroma.


Posy: Delicate rose is the most prominent note here. You'll sense the sweet ylang ylang and lavender undertones. Sensual & uplifting, unapologetically feminine & floral. A modern, sublte and perfectly balanced twist on a classic.


Spicy: Rich & comforting, warm spices with a hint of burnt orange. A combination of frankinscense, vanilla & sandalwood gives this bouquet a heavenly, delicious & sophisticated scent. Simple, yet full of depth. What a combo!


They are so, so good you're going to want one of each!







Perfume Bars

30 Grams
  • Simply warm the solid perfume bar with your hands and softly massage onto pulse points to arouse the seductive scent. 




    *Please note that each individual’s skin is different & with perfumes, the longevity and the spirit of the notes will smell and last differently on every individual.

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