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Thoughtful gift for the fella's which includes;


20x pack Burn Baby Burn Firelighters, the offcuts of my beeswax wraps and made from recycled cotton materials. They require less paper to start a fire and contain no chemicals which end up being burned into the atmosphere, your food or even worse, your lungs. They work a treat and make use of otherwise discarded offcuts. They are great for you and the environment!


Chuck a couple of these little beauties into the charcoal barbecue or open fire, light and VIOLA!!!




60g Giantsbane the perfect beard balm for the fella!


Inspired by one of the best beards in the business, this yummy cocoa-scented, earthy balm will have you wanting to show off your shiny, lusciouis facial hair. Reminiscent of warm earth, dark chocolate, cedar forests and spices we will have you looking like a lumberjack, but not smelling like one, in no time. The partner will also love it (totally not creepy to sniff your partners beard right?).




60g Spruce Up Deodorant - Cedar essential oil brings an earthy, gender-neutral scent. Reminicent of fresh wood shavings with a classic earthy undertone. Lumberjack here we come. 


Formulated to clean the surface of the skin, neutralise body odour and with antibacterial properties this deodorant is perfect for every day use. Good for your skin, and the environment.  


& theres more...  a Lemon Gum Hand Balm (60g) to top off this already awesome bundle!! This hand balm is a rich, moisturising and soothing balm. Created with creamy butters and oils including castor oil and infused with Eucalyptus & Lemon gum essential oils. It is formulated for dry, tired and sore hard working hands; ideal for men who garden, clean, work hard and anyone whose hands need a little extra lovin' 👏🏽👌🏾


This pack is consciously made with love for THE man! 


For The Fella's Pack

  • Firelighters: Chuck a couple of these little beauties into the charcoal barbecue or open fire and light. Each ball lasts roughly 5 mins, depending on size.

    Beard Balm: Rub a small amount on into the palm of your hands and then massae into facial hair. Re-apply when necessary.

    Deo: Rub a peasize amount of deodorant onto your armpit wait til all rubbed in before putting clothes back on

    Hand balm: Rub a peasize amount of balm onto your hands and massage in.


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