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Camping check list; Bedding, toothbrush, toothpaste, coffee, food, water, gas bottle, clothes, gumboots, raincoat and socks, yep think we've got it all.


You've arrived at the camp spot, feeling relaxed and ready to unwind then you realise you forgot the Firelighters, the camping light & you left the deorant on the bathroom bench. DOH!!! Palm to face*


This pack takes the thinking down to a minimum when getting ready for a camping trip. Leave this pack in the van, caravan or car. Making you ready for any spontaneous or planned trip. 


What's inside the box?

- Candlesticks (2x)

- Bag of Firelighters (20x)

- Spruce Up Deodorant (60g)

- Lemon Gum Hand Balm (60g)

- Coco Lip Balm (30g) 

- Face Wipes (2x) - handmade by @Vinarada


The perfect GIFT this christmas, for you or your partner. 


Camping Pack

  • Candle: 100% Beeswax

    Firelighters: 100% cotton RECYLCED material | Beeswax | Coconut oil

    Deo: *Coconut Oil | *Shea Butter | Local Beeswax | Bicarb | *Tapioca | *Cedar Essential Oil | *Tea Tree Essential Oil

    Hand Balm: *Castor Oil | Almond Oil | *Shea Butter | Local Beeswax | *Eucalyptus & Lemon Essential Oil

    Lip Balm: Coco Butter* | Coconut oil* | Beeswax 

    Face Wipes: Double sided- Toweling for washing/ scrubbing and Cotton Jersey on the other side


    *Denotes Organic

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